What Our Patients are Saying

  • “Brilliant Smiles dispels the legendary myths about visiting the dentist’s office. It’s a sheer pleasure to have such excellent care. I simply love my dentist! I’m looking forward to the completion of the new addition. Who doesn’t love the idea of “massaging chairs”?”
    — Valli S
  • “Consistently smiling, friendly, while maintaining high quality and professional care.”
    — Sherrie D.
  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Austria’s for about 30 years!  I am looking forward to bringing my children later this month for their check-ups.  As always, the service was professional and friendly with high quality dental care!”
    — T. Battista
  • ““My tooth repair was great!  The color of the repair matches my tooth perfectly.  I can’t tell I ever had a chipped tooth.  A great job as usual.”
    — Juanita T.
  • “Always very professional and personable at the same time, Dr. Austria has a talent of numbing your mouth so well that it is done without the pain that I used to associate with going to the dentist!”
    — Sharron Leach

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Let the Brilliant Smiles’ Smile Card help you manage and controle your vital dental expenses! Maintain your overall wellness by keeping a healthy mouth while you save money!

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Complete Health Dentistry

Current research shows links between mouth bacteria and serious health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, headaches, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, jaw pain, pregnancy and bad breath.

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